Thursday, 30 June 2011


It was the Kandyland party at the Playboy Mansion and I wanted to share my favourite outfits with you!
Kandyland always has some bright and fun outfits and makeup, so I hope these pictures inspire your next night out!

Firstly I loved Claire Sinclair's outfit!

 The green corset looked so good with the light pink! You can get the apple green from!
Another outfit I liked was Anna's! I love pink, it's my favourite colour! And to match it with leopard and black! So fun! I also love her wavy hair!
I keep seeing this colour lip. A brighter pink. It looks good on everyone! You should try it out!
Keeping with the pink theme I really liked Lauren Waugh outfit:
 I love the pink skirt. Again pink is a great colour to wear!
I also love how Lauren wears her hair. Its a smaller curl which can be achieved by a small curler. Taylor Swift curls her hair the same way. You just point your curler down and twist your hair away from your face and around the tong. I am doing my hair like this next weekend for a party so hopefully get some pics taken to show you. While Lauren is not a playmate yet, I have no doubts that she will have playmate status soon!

This is just a blog for some fun, to share what looks I like and what inspires me.

To Follow Claire on Twitter :
Lauren on Twitter:

Make sure if you are a fan of Girls Next Door past and present, you follow!/pages/The-Girls-Next-Door-Past-Present/146101662079099
A fan page for all the playmates run by Jessica. She always has great photos and you can follow her on twitter here:
Most of the photos i used in this blog were from her facebook page.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Hair & MakeUp - Jamie O'Brien

Every few weeks I am going to put up hair and makeup styles that are inspiring!
Many of the girls related to Playboy have impressive hair and makeup styles and I wanted to share them with you all.

First we have Jamie O'Brien!

Besides being one of the funniest people I follow on twitter, Jamie posts some of the most gorgeous pictures! I love her hair, especially this curly style:

Curls would have to be my all time favourite hairstyle on anyone. I love how shiny and full Jamie's hair is! I think curly hair looks great too because if the curl falls out, wavy hair looks great too! When I see someone with great curly hair like Jamie's it makes me want to heat up my barrel curler and curl my hair the same way! I have naturally curly hair, but i like the bigger barrel curl/waves a tong can make!

I also came across this picture of Jamie and love the pink and purple eyeshadow and liner! Anyone with a hint of green in their eyes, definately needs to channel Jamie's look here to make your eyes pop! I love bright colours (for winter or summer) and again Jamie has amazing hair in this picture!

Hair and makeup aside, if you are not following Jamie O'Brien on twitter or facebook, you definatley need to right now! Besides being gorgeous, she has some of the funniest tweets I have ever read. She is also an extreamly talented singer!

If you love her style also, be sure to check out her online store - she has some of her custom made creations available.

Jamie O'Brien Official Twitter :
Jamie O'Brien Official Facebook:
Jamie O'Brien Official Website:

Jamie O'Brien YouTube Channel:

Playmate of the Year (PMOY) 2011

Claire Sinclair is Playmate of the Year (PMOY) 2011!

It was announced on the season finale of Holly's World!
Her pictorial has been shot and now the lovely Claire is performing for Crazy Horse in Vegas for the second time!

It is amazing for Claire to win PMOY, she has achieved so much already and there is even more exciting things to come!

In the same month, Claire also celebrated Hugh Hefners 85th birthday as well as his son's 21st, Marston Hefner.

Claire's style is gorgeous and classic. She always wears gorgeous dresses and I loved the following dress:

Monday, 7 March 2011

The Amazing Claire Sinclair

My first inspirational Playmate is the amazing Miss October 2010 Claire Sinclair!
Star of the Girls Next Door Spin off: The Bunny House and Pinup Artist Olivia De Beradinis Model, Claire is a young (19yrs) rising star! She guest started in MGM Grands Crazy Horse Paris Burlesque (and was the youngest guest star in the history of Crazy Horse). She can also be seen on the new season of 'Holly's World'!

I find Claire Sinclair an amazing young woman who is a great inspiration for many of her achievements.
The first is the most obvious, it is refreshing to see a young woman so comfortable in her own skin and promoting such a positive body image just by being herself. You only have to follow Claire on Twitter or see her in the new season of 'Holly's World' to see how quirky and lovable this young woman is.

Claire is now the spokemodel for the iconic Betty Page Clothing Store and met berlesque legend Tempest Storm. I think all her achievements are just a glimpse of what Claire has to offer and is just the beginning.

If I had to pick just one quality of Claire's many admirable qualities, I would say her personality and ability to just be herself is inspirational.
The best role models are those who do not plan to be a role model. I believe being respected and admired for your personality and just being yourself can make such a positive impact in many lives!

She is in the running to win Playmate of the Year (PMOY) 2011 (voting has closed) and I do hope she wins. If not I know that even bigger and brighter things are destined for her future!

But don't just take my word for it, why not.....

Check out Claire's Official Website here:
And Claire's Twitter here:

While I am happy to dedicate my first blog post to her I am sure this will not be the last!
I also run a fan page on twitter for her which can be found here

Thankyou for taking the time to read through my blog!
I will attempt to update as often as I can!


Sunday, 6 March 2011

My Playboy Blog

I believe certain girls associated with the Playboy name can make great role models and inspiration for the modern woman. I want to express a young woman's view on why I find certain women associated with the Playboy name such an inspiration.

Most importantly I have found most people are either 'for' Playboy or 'against' it. I want to celebrate the positives and share with fellow fans the way one person can influence another just by being themselves.

Through many Playboy ladies such as Claire Sinclair, Crystal Harris, Jayde Nicole (and many more) I have strived to be a more confident, assertive and healthy young woman. All which has been influenced by these Playboy women just being themselves.

I hope you enjoy my view of Playboy.